Artist Statement

I have been in love with color for as long as I can remember, and the possibility offered by various materials stirs my innate curiosity. Not surprisingly, color and the exploration of various materials have been the forces that drive my creative process. The catalyst to this process is my abiding interest in my natural environment as well as in exotic cultures and ancient history. When inspired or captivated by an idea, I imaginatively explore the use of various colors in conjunction with selected materials through the vehicles of printmaking, painting and bookarts. It is my hope that my work will evoke in those who view it a new way of seeing or understanding what we call reality, perhaps opening through the aroused imagination doorways into the unexpected.

Having worked and created in this manner for years, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding materials and their various uses. It seems natural to me at this point to want to share with others – with artists or with those interested in creating art -- all I have learned. Teaching provides me the opportunity to do just this. This is why I find teaching personally satisfying.


Judy’s BFA was acquired at Washington University, St. Louis with subsequent studies in Europe and Mexico.  She has shown her work in Europe and the US and is in numerous collections.

She has taught printmaking and painting for 30 years and is now teaching printmaking, bookarts and acrylic techniques at ArtCenter Sarasota.

Judy moved back to Sarasota after living in the high desert of Santa Fe for many years. Winter and altitude became too wearing.

She is excited to be “home” where colors, patterns and images are familiar yet new. It is going to be interesting to see what unfolds in the studio. Very exciting!