Non-toxic materials

At one point I had to take time off from the studio because I was very chemically sensitive. It was an interesting time of using pencil and photography to continue seeing.

At the end of that time I found Akua printmaking inks and set up a “green” studio, which includes other water based media. I find that Akua inks [which work by absorbing into paper not air drying like other water clean up inks] work well for me for many printing techniques.

There have been many improvements in waterbased printing inks in the last few years. Each kind has up and down sides. They are all easier to clean up than oil based inks. which is a real plus after a long day in the studio.

This may sound like a promo for Akua, it isn’t. I am just sharing my experience and what works for me because others may have had a similar experience.

FYI for chemical sensitivity be sure to wear gloves and pay attention to “out gassing”…..smell. Working in a green studio takes time to set up but I feel much better since I have done that. Enjoy and have fun.

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